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      1. [ID:4-6131261] 上海市金山中學2018-2019學年高一下學期期末考試 英語 Word版(無聽力音頻 ...
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        The Internet is an amazing information resource. Students, teachers, and researchers use it as an investigative tool. Journalists use it to find information for stories. Doctors use it to learn more about unfamiliar diseases and (21) (late) medical development. Ordinary people use it (22) shopping, banking, bill-paying, and communicating with family and friends. People all over the world use it to connect with individuals from other countries and cultures. However,(23) there are many positive deveiopments associated with the Internet, there are also certain fears and concerns. One concern relates to a lack of control over (24) appears on the Internet, With television and radio, there are editors (25) (check) the accuracy or
        appropnateness of the content of programs, and with television there are restriction on what kinds programs (26) be broadcast and at what time of the day. With the Internet, parents
        cannot check a published guide to determine what is suitable for their children to see.
        上海市金山中學2018-2019學年高一下學期期末考試 英語 word版無聽力.doc
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